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Various Logo file types. All in the media library, logos folder
Brenda Smyth logo2.jpg


dimensions: 1042x1042 px

file size: 213kb


dimensions: 250x250 px

file size: 4kb


file size: 6.3kb

Files with .jpg and .png are pixels. So the image is a certain size. If you expand them too much they become blurred since they are made up of pixels.

.jpg files will be smaller than .png but they cannot have a transparent layer.

.png files can be transparent, so they can the placed over a picture.

Files with the extension .svg are vector files, they are scalable. They are made up of lines, not pixels.

So which file you choose to use depends on the intended use. 

Red   78.42.90   #4E2A5A

Pink is 227.168.158   #E3A89E

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